Forward Looking Research

In logistics competition is fierce and transactions involve multiple companies, frequently in an ad-hoc manner. Consequently, digital business ecosystems in logistics must at least facilitate this way of doing business and stimulate new ones. The complexities to set up a digital business ecosystem with  multiple logistics companies and digital service providers in a bilateral way can be daunting. One way to mitigate this is the secure trusted digital market places concept, or STDMP, and is researched in DL4LD.  A company can connect and create data-sharing agreements with the STDMP instead with every market place member in a bilateral way. Furthermore, SDTMP supports trusted organizations in the business ecosystem, that can govern the SDTMPs to keep transactions legitimate and enable the settlement of disputes.


Using the facilities of the Amsterdam Data Sharing Fieldlab, The forward looking research creates demonstraters of key concepts and technologies. 

The DL4LD Forward Looking Research work is also described at the UvA DL4LD site:

Governed Business Ecosystem

In a governed business ecosystem, any transaction on data can be subject to rules. Rules can be issued by an instution that is recognized by every participant in the ecosystem.


DL4LD researches the impact of rule sets, e.g. that of an auction, on the business of the ecosystem

Data sharing infrastructure provisioning

Digital market places define operational archetypes that need to be instantiated in the underlying infrastructure. These archetypes capture the legal and digital agreements between the participating parties.


In DL4LD we research how the  archetetypes provisioning can be optimally executed to create a resilient and performing sharing infrastructure. In particular we explore the use of emerging programmability and virtualization feature of current networks. By using and combining these novel technologies we can create data sharing environments that guarantee at run time the adherence to the original agreements.


Facilitate trusted organisations

In many cases transactions on data require the facilities of an trusted organisisation. Only on neutral grounds one can govern the exact transactions on data.  In DL4LD the roles and relevant STDMP technologies for trusted organisations in the logistics sector are researched.