DL4LD (Data Logistics for Logistics Data) is a Dutch collaboration project, funded by NWO under the research program 'Big Data: real time ICT for logistics’. DL4LD’s main objective is to enable digitization and automation of the trust enabling capabilities for trustworthy sharing of (potentially sensitive) data between partners that don’t have a relationship of trust a priori.

We are convinced that DL4LD will deliver a major contribution to the enabling of sharing of trustworth data for the logistics sector in The Netherlands by:

  • developing an overarching reference architecture for an open and interoperable infrastructure for trustworthy data sharing,
  • identifying the main trust enabling functions to be part of the data sharing infrastructure,
  • stimulating wide scale adoption by striving for opennes, standardization and interoperability,
  • aligning with national and international initiatives aimed at enabling trustworthy data sharing for the logistics sector,
  • building up a realistic demonstration (and testing) environment,
  • developing open source components to support the reference architecture,
  • feeding the established results from the DL4LD project to the (inter)national research community and industry groups, and
  • disseminating the DL4LD  project results to the relevant (Dutch) stakeholders to increase awareness levels.

DL4LD has 4 Work Packages (WPs) as depicted in the figure.