The DL4lD research project is established to help the Dutch logistics sector with IT that promotes digital busines processes. To do so, DL4LD demonstrates how to advance logistics by IT that ensures the trustworthy sharing of sensitive data. In more detail, DL4LD shows how to establisch, digitally, sufficient trust to execute a data-transaction between two ad-hoc logistic partners. This includes the digital negotiation of legal contracts for data sharing and data operations. DL4LD also shows how digital contracts are input for automatized setup of the required digital infrastructure. Forward looking research will clarify how to create a digital data-sharing business-ecosystem that avoids the complexities of bilateral contracts between its partners,  yet increasing trust and  supporting dispute setlling. DL4LD operates from 2018 to 2023.

 The DL4LD R&D project is supported by:

NWO (the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research) funds top researchers, steers the course of Dutch science by means of research programmes and by managing the national knowledge infrastructure.

TKI Dinalog  (Top consortium Knowledge and Innovation) is the cooperation within which Dinalog, TNO and NWO act jointly to boost innovation in logistics in the Netherlands.

Commit2Data is a multi-year Dutch national research and innovation program on the basis of Public Private Collaboration (Publiek-Private Samenwerking - PPS), aimed on cross-sectoral co-operation on big data aspects. 


In logistics companies collaborate in an international, very competative and multi-sector environment. Trust in its digital form is a prerequisite for succesful integration of multi-company digital business- processes.  DL4LDs ambition is to show the logistics sector how a trustworthy digital business ecosystem can be established. 


In 2019 DL4LD demonstrates how two companies can setup, on demand, a trustworthy digital infrastructure between them on basis of digitally negotiated contracts. In the period 2019-2020, this knowledge is also disseminated via three short running projects with consortia of companies in the logistics sector.


From 2019 onwards, DL4LD researches, develops and dissmenates the concept of "secure digital market places" that mitigates the complexities of a multi-company digital business transaction where trustwhorty data sharing is a must.


Other results of the DL4LD-project are:

- A blueprint and roadmap for a logistics  secure data sharing infrastructure

- Open experimental facilities to support use cases and research projects

- Increase the awareness of the value of smart ICT and big data for logistics.


The DL4LD approach to stimulate the uptake of doing digital business in the logistics sector deploys technology demonstrators, field-trials and uses the R&D capacities of the University of Amsterdam to validate and present a concept that mitigates the complexities to set-up a data-sharing infrastructure for a multi-company logistics transaction.

The approach shows that the  technologies DL4LD deploys for sharing data among logistic partners are valuable, trustwhorthy, easy, robust and can be set up on-demand. Demonstrated is how agreements for data sharing between partners are secured in the infrastructure, how data owners have full control over who has access to what data and for what purpose. DL4LD indicates how, in practise, companies can use proven technologies from DL4LD to profit from the existing digital service industry in logistics. The infrastructure will maximize business value, comply with various legal requirements whilst allowing partner autonomy, and enhance existing data sharing and storage facilities.


The approach allows DL4LD to convince the logistics sector that technology is ready to support  1) the design and implementation of capabilities that are required for creating value-rich logistic information services and 2) innovative solutions that allow stakeholders to agree on how data is stored, accessed, shared and transformed in a controllable, enforceable, accountable, auditable and goal-oriented fashion.